Making Art

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MAKING ART In making art I connect to spirit; mine and Creator’s. I connect to soul; mine and the work coming forward. In making art Mystery is revealed in brush stroke, pencil stroke, eraser stroke. In making art the paper bleeds with colors of memories, longings, promises. In making art Lost dreams revealed in the negative spaces, Birth a painting of their own stories. Artmaking is a patient, persistent practice. Except when it isn’t And bursts forth with uncontrolled urgency. Spirit explodes on the canvas, Out of my heart, Into the world.    

The Gift of Letting Go: An unfinished painting transforms a misperception

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Artist Donna Lee Johnston died in February 2017.  Her illness took her eyesight so that she could no longer paint, and eventually her life.  Longing to honor Donna and her talent, her sister Margi Hafer, gathered more than 150 unfinished pieces and asked fellow artists to complete them.  I was blessed to complete two of Donna’s painting starts. * This painting of Donna’s immediately took me back to the memory of a painting I did as a senior in high school.  I had been selected as a gifted artist to participate in a countywide program through the university Art Department … Read More