I knew I wanted to be an artist since I was seven and sat at the kitchen table watching with awestruck admiration as my mother hand-drew the most beautiful paper dolls for my sister and me.  That little girl who dreamed of living as an artist was very patient; 57 years patient.  Finally, in the spring of 2017, just before my 64th birthday, I closed my professional counseling practice and my office transformed into a studio.   

The canvas of my life has been painted by all my mishaps and miracles; each a necessary experience on my way to finally answering my dream to live as an artist. My process continues unfolding as I embrace artmaking as my spiritual practice. Mostly I just paint.

In painting, my brush is the conduit that connects my body to Divine Spirit. Paint flows from my brush and expresses the feeling and emotion of that connection.  Inspiration for the painting comes first. I fill the canvas in swaths of color. Painting in words comes next. Then, the painting’s vision appears layer by layer, as what was painted before peeks through. This process of revealing the earlier work is a visual metaphor for the realities of life. Our histories and our potentials always show through.

Finally, after three years, of haltingly persistent practice I became brave enough to give my art pieces a home of their own, this website.  And, brave enough to share my paintings with you.