is your life knocking on Change’s door?

It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work and that when we no longer know which way to go we have begun our real journey. ~ Wendell Berry

Life is always changing. Our choice is whether, or not, (and how) we are active participants with change. Are you a woman who sees change coming in the distance, and senses this is a time you could reach for her dreams? Perhaps you are more like the woman who can’t face her ‘empty nest’, or acknowledge the miserable state of her marriage or her job? Perhaps this change came upon you in the surprise of a life-threatening health crises, unexpected job loss or divorce papers and you are unsure of what to do?

Whether known and planned for, or unexpected and life-uprooting, all of life’s transitions, carry the gift of possibility for living a happier life. Is this the time for you to begin the real work of your life and to finally begin living the life you have longed for, your unfulfilled dreams? If not now, when? My experience in working with women over the years (and in my own life) is that life is always inviting us to become more of the women we were born to be. While the invitation is there, the way forward is not always clear and we all need mentors and guides, to bring clarity and insight and support for the brave journey we are undertaking.

Whether you feel your need for making a change in still off in the distance, or feel the urge to step into your life is demanding your attention RIGHT NOW, take for first step by contacting me for a complimentary exploration call. I’ll help you discern your personal next step.


The Circle of Self program is critical to my journey of self-discovery. The guided steps through each aspect provide an ongoing roadmap to recovery of wholeness. When I began the program, there were whole aspects that I had neglected or suppressed! I was in denial about some major issues in my life and was ignoring some of my greatest strengths and desires. The monthly rhythm of the program is a natural cycle of investigation, action and reflection. It broke the daunting task of self-realization down to doable steps. By looking at each aspect of myself, I was able to be both honest and compassionate with myself.

The process of finding and embracing truth is ongoing. I use the Circle of Self material, together with the guidance provided by the Moon Cycle Circle, year after year in unfolding and embracing my whole personhood. With each turn of the year, I become more deeply who I am and who I was meant to be.  ~ Sara

circle of self: transformation for the whole of your life

Below are listed the three primary programs I offer which provide abundant attention and guidance for the women who engage in their transformational work with me. My intention is to offer my knowledge and skills in ways that meet the individualized needs of every woman who comes to me to do her work. Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation to discuss which of my offerings will meet your needs.  If what I have to offer isn’t just the right fit, we can customize a process that will work for you. If I am not the right fit, I will direct you to other resources and gifted teachers.  I look forward to connecting!

Moving from Uncertainty to Possibility: The Powerful Process of Uncovering and Understanding Your True Place on the Wheel of Life

Whether you are prepared or not, life insists you change. Unplanned for or not, this need for change can leave you feeling at a loss to know what is next or how to move forward. You may feel untethered and without an anchor in a sea of confusion, loss, uncertainty or fear. These times of change are an invitation to come to know who you are beyond the roles you have played, the images you have of yourself, the life you have lived up to now.  You now have an opportunity to live the fullness of who you are meant to be in this life. This journey cannot be taken alone. You will need a safe place to explore, wise guidance to help you see what is and what can be, and the necessary tools to begin to move forward.

Through a twelve week, guided and individualized mentoring process, Carolyn will walk with you creating a path forward so you can claim the life you long for.

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Embracing the Journey of Sustainable Change from Transition to Transformation

You realize you must make a change, are willing to looking at your life with clear and open eyes, and have reconnected with your longing you are ready to embrace a new and wonder-filled life. This deep, sustainable change takes a commitment of time and brave action. This journey forward is not meant to be done alone or without support. It requires a safe container within which to let go and be re-formed (much like the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly within the safety of the cocoon).  Through our individualized time together, you will explore deeply forgotten dreams and longings. You will see how, although hidden from view, they have influenced and informed your choices, your life path. You will be guided through the process of seeing with clarity and understanding your history.

In this six-month program, you will create a path forward and move along this path  with a growing new awareness of who you are and where you want to go in your life.

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Living Life on the Wheel of Transformation

A 13 month Journey open to women who have completed Embracing the Journey from Transition to Transformation.

Individual mentoring support continues, personalized to meet your need. You are invited to join a community of women who continue to put into practice the concepts and tools of the Circle of Self Process.  You now continue this life long journey toward living your life fully and abundantly.  This 13 month program invites each women to embody and live in sync with rhythms of the world around her.  This journey ensures the roots we have set continue to be nourished and thrive.  Our journey becomes a sustainable way of living.  Monthly virtual group inspiration sessions, offerings in-person retreats and intensives are part of this creative process.

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If you’re not sure it’s the right time to start on your journey, a great place to begin is working with the Moon Circle Journal and joining our virtual community of women.  We are all kinds of women, all on different paths and at different stages of our personal growth.  What we have in common is a desire to move forward in our life, a commitment to keep growing, and appreciation of support of a community of women.

Carolyn Faivre is a gem. She helped me in more ways than I can even explain. She listened and heard what I said and what was deep inside that I couldn’t express. She was honest and straight with me and I always felt that she was present and caring. When I got stuck, she found creative ways to move me past the barrier and gain insight into why I was stuck. She helped me figure out the path that I wanted to follow, and made me aware of the fact that the choice was always mine and that I had options. She is a fantastic counselor, coach, woman and human being. Her work is very holistic and I always felt accepted and valued. Anyone would benefit from talking with her and gaining her guidance.

Rebecca C.
Holistic Wellness Coach
Sycamore  Illinois