a vision walk for wisdom and clarity

A Vision Walk is a great tool to use when you’re wanting clarity, guidance and direction about a specific question or opportunity or choice point in your life.

A Vision is a purposeful walk (or sit if walking is not an option) in the out-of-doors. Generally, one to two hours in length, this short ‘journey’ is taken with the intent to access new insight, wisdom, and guidance in response to an important question about some aspect of your life. When you take a Vision Walk, you embark on an intentional journey into the space between the physical dimensions of the world and the world of Spirit. You venture forth with a question held clearly in your heart, an inquiry of deep importance to you.

On your ‘walk’ you will engage an experience in which you allow Nature to reflect to you vision and guidance in response to your question. This is not the same experience as taking a walk in the park, or a hike in nature where you are busy thinking, trying to figure out the answer to your question with your thinking mind and ego. Rather, here, the question is asked, then “tucked into your back pocket” or metaphorically, “tucked into your heart”. During a Vision Walk, in the mystery of your walk, insight and inspiration and direction you seek is revealed.

You will leave your walk with a litany of the experiences of your senses, what you saw, heard, felt, as well as the awareness that you received. You will bring your Vision Walk Story back to share with me. We will come together in sacred ceremony and I will mirror for you the intuitive wisdom shared with you through your walk.

If we haven’t worked together before, it’s also a great way to sample what it would be like for us to work together.

I’m Interested. What’s next? Click Here to let me know you’d like to explore this blessed practice and experience of hearing Universe speak to you through Nature. Then is you feel called to experience this powerful tool for inspiration and clarity confirm your intention with your payment. I’ll send you detailed instructions for your walk and we will schedule a time to talk via phone to clarify the question you will be taking on your Walk.

The cost for the Vision Walk Journey is $337.00.       Click here to pay via PayPal

I look forward to being with you on this walk to receive Wisdom and Clarity!