Insight, Wisdom, and Mentoring
for life’s transitions

an invitation

Hello, I’m Dr. Carolyn Faivre.  People come to me seeking solutions and direction for something that is calling to be changed in their life. Whether coming in search of a more fulfilling and balanced way to live, seeking help for release from a gnawing problem, or desperate to climb out of a dark hole, I will mentor you through this time of transformation.

I bring with me a tremendous lifetime of experience, and a toolkit filled with my innate gifts, talents and skills, and the tools and wisdom gleaned from my studies with many gifted teachers. Together we craft a journey founded in solid, proven practices, and personalized for your needs and desires. This is a journey toward new (or remembered) knowledge, insight, growth, and change.

There are two ways to work with me – Circle of Self and the Moon Cycle Circle – and you can choose one or both.   I encourage you to contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation to discuss our journey together.

  • are you at a crossroads?

    Did you see the crossroads in the distance, or in the form of an unexpected health crisis, job loss or divorce? Whether known and planned for, or unexpected and life-shattering, life’s transitions are opportunities for the remarkable transformation of your life. These profound journeys are not meant to be done alone. Guidance is available. Learn more…

  • a life in rhythm and flow

    Become part of a group of women who meet in virtual community via Facebook and during twice monthly teleconferences to learn and share wisdom accumulated from across the ages and cultures all over the world. In this community you will learn how to live in balance and harmony with self and others through the wisdom of the ancestors who came before us. Learn more…

July Moon Cycle

Moon Cycle Daily Inspiration

  • Thursday Summer Blessing - July 28, 2016
    Karen shares a blessing that resonates with her journey of Love Truth: Thursday Summer Blessing As the tree shares its gifts of fruit,So I, too, share the gifts of me.For in meIs the facilitatorOf a more loving world;In me is the catalystFor a greater social awareness.In me is the power of the Word, [read more...]

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