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Hello, I’m Carolyn Faivre. Thank you for visiting my site. If you are a woman ready to step more fully into your life, I can help. Women come to me for a number of reasons: some come seeking direction as they find themselves at the threshold of change; some come in search of a more fulfilling and balanced way to live. For others, events outside their control have turned their lives upside down; they come needing to make sense of the resulting chaos. My process of mentoring, teaching and sitting in counsel helped with these women during their times of transition and change. I offer support for that, too!

I bring with me a tremendous lifetime of experience, and a tool-kit filled with my innate gifts, learned skills, and wisdom gleaned from time spent with many gifted teachers. I guide women on a personal journey founded in solid, proven practices; a journey insight, growth, and change.

Check out the options for working with me via the Circle of Self Program. You can also become a part of the Moon Cycle Circle and find your own path of growth with the Moon Circle Journal. I encourage you to contact me for a complimentary strategy session to discuss your needs and longing.  You will leave our conversation with a sense of what’s next and how to begin to have positive change and balance you want for your life.

  • are you ready for a happier life?

    There is a time in every woman’s life when a voice from deep within finally refuses to be silenced. This call to live life in alignment with who we are born to be often occurs as we step into the second half of our life. This call to change is a magnificent chance for transformation, healing, and happiness. It is a profound, often unnerving, journey which is not meant to be taken alone. Guidance and a road-map are available here: Learn more…

  • a life of rhythm and flow

    Join a group of women who meet in virtual community to learn and share wisdom gathered from across the ages and from cultures across the globe. Working with these teachings and supported by the Moon Circle Journal and other materials, this community, you will learn how to live in balance and harmony with yourself and in your relationships with others as you learn to tap the wisdom of the ancestors who came before us. Learn more…

October Moon Cycle

Moon Cycle Daily Inspiration

  • Stepping into the World As a Full, Feeling, Imperfect Human Being - October 20, 2017
    These qualities are seeded in our hearts and our being.  They are already within us in the seedbed of our souls. A few tiny sprouts will support us stepping out into our world. *** HumilityCompassionLetting GoStepping ForwardCourageStepping BackTaking HoldHonest Self-PresentationRisk-TakingSlow [read more...]

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